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Startup Grind, the world's largest community of founders, startups, creators, and innovators, was founded by Derek Andersen in 2010 to provide entrepreneurs with education and opportunities to build, grow, and scale their companies. People from all over the globe started to share their expertise and advice, the community has even developed...


Czechs are equal to approximately 0.15% of the global population. And yet, this small nation keeps challenging the status quo and causing disruption across many fields and geographies, including technology scene of Silicon Valley. 

Czech_The_Valley has been created for all those who are keen on learning more about the Czech startup scene in the Bay Area -  Czechs, Americans, everyone.



We are on a mission to build and nurture a strong and cooperative community, where talent and brilliant ideas can flourish.


To be seen and to be heard. We strive to do both, which is why we host tens of events every year. Get to know us!


Inclusiveness is the core of all our activities, which is why we actively search for ways to bring value to more than one benefiting party. 

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Are you passionate abour creativity, entrepreneurship, technology, design,and cross-culture socal engagement? If so, please contact us to learn about the like-minded community of Czech innovators in Silicon Valley and their activities.