The Czech entrepreneurial wave of 2017 was a very forceful one as it brought many disruptive and innovative ideas across the pond. Our West Coast office prepared an interaction-rich program for the new coming teams to ensure the highest degree of valuable networking exposure. We are proud to say that the talented startup squad leveraged all opportunities presented to them and left the Valley with high-profile contact lists.

Participants were welcomed at a get-together BBQ evening, which is always hosted to 'break the ice' and dissipate the initial stress of being in a foreign country with few familiar faces. The informal and easy-going vibe our of backyard grilling sessions contributes to sped-up introductions and higher degree of collaboration and experience sharing within the group.

We were extremely happy to bring our top-of-the-top entrepreneurial talent to GoodData HQ here in San Francisco. Witnessing the dynamics of one of the most successful Czech start-ups in the very heart of the tech world was a great inspiration to the participants. 

CzechTech integration continued during a meet-up organised for the purpose of facilitating cooperation within the community. In order to simulate the real conditions of investment chasing in Silicon Valley, we held a pitch night in partnership with CEConnection, an avid supporter of Central European business development and patron of start-ups originating in the area.