The series of 2018 was a highly collaborative one as our Czech office cooperated with German Accelerator, a prestigious program offering extensive support to high-potential startups growing in the business environment of our Western neighbour.

Our agenda included traditional educational workshops, which equipped participating companies with strategies of self-differentiation from relentless competitors and product-unique selling techniques. Additionally, our entrepreneurs engaged in a 'winning' pitch training, the aim of which was to prepare them for the tough and intense Bay Area investment hunt.

Networking. Networking. Networking. The cornerstone of doing business not only in a successful, but also a generally profitable way. We place great emphasis on the importance of learning how to get in touch and stay in touch with experienced professionals in a long-term and respectful manner, which is why we never forget to provide opportunities to get to know new and inspiring business personas during CzechTech Week. The one in 2018 was no different and our startup founders received many pieces of valuable advice from Silicon Valley-based icons of entrepreneurship.

Last but certainly not least, we hosted a CzechTech BBQ evening for the Czech community to stimulate creation of connections not only internationally, but also on the domestic level. Participants always enjoy spending time in an informal and relaxed atmosphere with their fellow nationals. It is a setting where they can share impressions of the conference and the Bay Area itself, whilst learning about other innovative and cutting-edge products they might have not heard about at home.