Czech_The_Valley was created in response to the growing community of entrepreneurs of Czech origin, who are aiming to relocate or have already relocated their businesses to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

This website serves as a platform for acknowledgment of their achievements, for promoting the Czech-American ecosystem of inovative ideas and for sharing information about #CzechTech presence in the region of the Bay Area.

The site is, however, not only meant for our fellow Czech nationals. We invite all nationalities to visit this website and learn about what the Czech entrepreneurial scene has to offer. It is our belief that raising awareness about the Czech community among business professionals from the Bay Area can contribute to close cooperation and knowledge exchange among all. 

In 2019 Czech_The_Valley was founded by CzechInvest, the official Investment and Business Development Agency of the Czech Republic in San Francsico. 

For more information about CzechInvest, click here