CZECH DRONES@UAV EXPO 2022 (Booth No.909)

Camera control and immediate in-flight EXIF geotagging, that's!

At AirPixel, we have been trying to find a better way to handle a camera mounted on a drone. That is what our AIR Commander ENTIRE brings to customers. Long-range remote control for exposure values, triggering, and video recording on any camera. Moreover, ENTIRE is also capable to geotag each image with accurate GPS and attitude information during flight.

Time is the most precious thing, simplify your workflow, and save time!

Are you ready for a world where drones are digitally visible and fly with no accidents? We are! 

Dronetag designs and manufactures devices for remote drone identification (both Broadcast & Network Remote ID standards) fully compliant with US & EU regulations. Existing drone models without the Remote ID feature can be easily equipped with our add-on devices: Mini & Beacon. To drone manufacturers, we offer our unmanned traffic identification technology as an OEM hardware solution for any newly introduced models.

Slap Dronetag on your aircraft, connect to the Android/iOS app and enjoy the digital world of safe & compliant drone flying.

LIAZ is a Czech company developing and manufacturing the unmanned helicopter SKYSPOTTER. Founded in 1951, the company has roots in engineering and the automotive industry-especially truck development and production. LIAZ was one of the first worldwide recognized Czech truck manufacturers (along with TATRA). The legendary Paris-Dakar rally put LIAZ products to the ultimate test of endurance and reliability. Building on the tradition of endurance and quality, LIAZ transformed into a high-tech pattern shop designing and producing specialized parts and tools for the automotive, energy, and aviation industry. From accumulated massive experience and know-how the SKYSPOTTER was born.

SKYSPOTTER 150 series is a versatile multi-mission rotary wing UAS platform with payload capacity up to 150 lbs. and flight time up to 7 hours. The SKYSPOTTER is a fully autonomous crewless helicopter designed and built to handle even the most complex tasks requiring multiple sensor configurations. SKYPOTTER's use vary from the applications in Civil, Rescue&Emergency and Defence&Security sectors. 

Since 2013, UpVision has been not just one of the oldest drone operator companies in the Czech Republic but also one of the biggest. UpVision also overlaps the Unmanned Traffic Management system provider.

While UpVision is oriented primarily toward technical applications such as aerial mapping, inspections, and monitoring, it is also very active in international research activities, including developing drone delivery services and Urban Air Mobility.

UpVision, together with AirMap was also a UTM provider for ANS Czech Republic, focused on the integrated system for the whole drone ecosystem. The ecosystem consisted of UTM, Network ID, and the C-UAS system, along with future integrations of ATM and UTM systems for supporting safety and advanced drone usage options.

UpVision has cooperated with many partners, including Honeywell, where they tested and validated drone activities and safety features to improve customers' internal processes and make them more effective, such as with power line inspections or medical deliveries.

They also provide various pieces of training and consulting for SORA risk assessment, drone flying, drone flight scenarios, and Urban Air Mobility integration.

UpVision is a member of the European U-Space stakeholders network and co-founder of the UAV Alliance Czech Republic, with several awards, including multiple from Galileo Masters.

Workswell operates in a highly developed and competitive market that challenges companies to innovate. Workswell thrives in this high-pressure environment because of its unique approach and one-of-a-kind products. These include the GIS 320 - OGI (optical gas imaging) camera for use with UAV, the new WIRIS Enteprise and WIRIS Pro, which are the most advanced drone thermal camera for industrial inspection, search&rescue and R&D or the WIRIS Agro, patented thermal camera used for agricultural purposes. In addition, we are very proud of ThermoLab - a software for detailed analysis of thermograms, allowing the user to edit the data into different formats and create clear reports from the thermograms and radiometric videos including 3D graphs.

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