Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will join the guest lineup of Startup World Cup & Summit in Prague


Startup World Cup & Summit announces that the Apple co-founder and the legend of computer engineering Steve Wozniak will be the keynote speaker of this year's SWCS European Finale in Prague on October 5th and 6th. 

Steve Wozniak, a Silicon Valley icon, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has helped to shape the computing industry. Forty-five years ago he started the Apple brand with co-founder Steve Jobs. During this time his groundbreaking desktop computer changed the development of the IT industry forever. Visitors to the event will not only see him live but will even have the opportunity to ask him questions.

Another highlight of the event will be the traditional continental finals of the Startup World Cup. The finalists of this $500,000 investment competition are chosen from a pool of regional rounds and associated startup competitions. The winner will not only be awarded an investment but will also receive the title of "European Startup Champion".

"This year, we are upgrading the prestige of the European finales to an even higher level than before as we broaden our portfolio and we also patronize various other competitions such as the Czech Startup Challenge, Creative Business Cup, PowerMOTION, and others. SWCSummit thus becomes something of a Champions League of startup competitions," explains the founder of the Summit Václav Pavlečka, CEO of the Air Ventures fund.

How does the participation of a personality like Steve Wozniak even get arranged? It takes a ton of luck, even more patience, and above all, a positive attitude towards beer. 

"It all started two years ago in Vienna. There I met a man who knew someone whose friend was on Wozniak's team. He agreed to introduce us in exchange for a beer - and, surprisingly, he kept his promise. Hoping and determined, we had to fight our way through to his personal assistant. It didn't work out last year. This year it has," the SWCS director Tomáš Cironis stated.

In addition to Steve Wozniak, other business celebrities will speak at SWCSummit. 

"I cannot be specific at the moment, but we have a couple of exciting irons in the fire. We are communicating with several personalities from Silicon Valley. I could probably reveal that one of them is a woman who fundamentally influenced this Mecca of startups," said Cironis.

Tickets are available at However, due to the pandemic, SWCSummit's capacity will be limited to a few hundred people, so early purchase is recommended.

Source: Startup World Cup & Summit