CES 2022: the biggest tech event showcased Czech innovations in XR and eMobility


Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the beginning of the year where companies typically unveil their biggest innovations. After the 2021' show was transfered fully into digital this year the in-person format welcomed over 45000 visitors from all around the world.

This year the attendees could spot the Czech innovations in two different locations. At the XR&Gaming section of the Central hall they could experience the immersive virtual reality headset XTAL 3 with extended 180° horizontal and 90° vertical view developed by Cyech company VRgineers. The headset is inteded for porfessional simulations.

The eMobility space that featured Czech companies also offered the hands on experience with iXRIDER.com - the collaboration of the best Czech Republic manufactures CRUSSIS, MTF and LOVELEC, who build world class quality e-Bikes, Scooter Bikes, and bicycles.