Czech drones and unmanned aircraft professionals showcased their innovations at UAV Expo Las Vegas 2022


Czech companies Upvision, Workswell, AirPixel, Dronetag, Liaz UAV and Mejzlík Propellers presented innovations in the field of UAVs at one of the largest American and world trade fairs, CUAV Expo Americas (Commercial unmaned aerial vehicles).

This year's CUAV Expo Americas saw a record number of exhibitors, over 220 companies from dozens of countries. The entire network of the global industry was on display during the three-day marathon. The conference agenda focused on how drone technologies solve problems and create meaningful ROI across industries. Czech companies had the opportunity to share their innovations with the visitors through a short focused presentation.

Czech companies also had a chance to meet with representatives of the Department of Economic Development of the Nevada Governor's Office, representatives of the Nevada Center for Applied Research, the University of Nevada in Reno and representatives of the US Department of Commerce.