Czech University Stocks Up Essential Workers with 3D Printed Respiratory Masks


With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, all businesses are shifting their gears and trying to figure out a way how to make more protective health devices. Czech Technical University in Prague has figured out a way to make respiratory masks and they are starting to stock up local hospitals. For now, they make around 100 pieces a day, but the goal is to make more than 10 000 products per day.

The respiratory masks made with a 3D printer are unique in many ways. Not only the design of the mask reminds a model of a futuristic soldier mask, but its functionality is also unusual. Unlike all home-made masks, this product uses the combination or plastic and rubber, because the scientists believe this combo makes a stronger protection. These two essential materials are also suitable for the 3D printer. The 3D printers are also extraordinary, as they have much higher capacity than a regular 3D printer for regular users. There 3D printers are supplied by Prusa Research to the Czech Technical University in Prague.