CzechMatch made Menlo Park full of Czech startups


In the third week of October CzechInvest organized the second CzechMatch program in Silicon Valley. Like in the firs occasion it took place at BootUp Ventures in the heart of Menlo Park.

Six Czech startups flew over the pond to take part in an intense bootcamp focused on the right pitching and messaging techniques. Seeking validation of their products being viable in the Silicon Valley cut-throat environment,, Brigr, iDevBand, Wereldo, Woodr and Nanoneurotec set on a journey of steep learning and long sleepless nights.

Mukul Agarwal's guidance and time-tested mentoring expertise enabled all founders to make an incredible progress in terms of presentation and positioning. To apply their newly-boosted skills in a real-life situation, all six companies pitched their businesses in front of a large jury of investors, who provided them with invaluable insights into how their ideas could be tweaked and iterated to reach their full potential.

Additionally, the 'Demo Day' was followed by a networking session, during which the startup founders had the opportunity to discuss their future business prospects further with the jury members and attending guests.

Participants of CzechMatch 2019

  • Brigr - technical solutions for internet-free use of applications
  • iDevBand - human-centered, software-driven innovations in fintech and healthtech
  • Wereldo - logistics made simple; digitised, analyzed and optimized supply chain
  • Woodr - a solution for smart forest management
  • - cloud system for better sales, productivity and business analytics
  • Nanoneurotec - software for emotion recognition

Jury Members

  • Akash Agarwal
  • Indra Singhal
  • Thomas Varghese
  • Salil Pradhan
  • Jan Grotenbreg
  • John F.C. Cheong
  • Annika Steiber
  • Marc Bonavia