CES 2020: over 10 CzechTech startups made an impact


CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Held on January 7-10, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center the event typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. 

Traditionally, CzechInvest put together a delegation of CzechTech companies and 2020 was not an exception. In total, 10 companies arrived to showcase the top technologies that the Czech Republic has to offer.


Integromat offers a powerful tool for automating manual processes and connecting apps, services and devices with each other without the necessity of users having any programming skills. By automating processes that users currently do manually, Integromat saves time and is even able to transfer and transform data. Highly-customisable and extremely user-friendly, the platform is the perfect solution for connecting users' whole digital world.


Miomove develops a smart insole measuring the pressure of steps during a physical activity. Using nanotechnologies and pressure sensors, the innovative insole can provide a detailed analysis of one's running technique and alert you to errors caused by incorrect movement habits. Using their own software (mobile app available for iOS and Android) and hardware (sensors), Miomove enables its users to easily collect data via Bluetooth in their cell phones. 

24 Vision System

24 Vision System leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence in E2E visual quality control. They offer independent functionality and smooth integration into current production systems (MES) at the same time. Founded in 2019, the company aims to revolutionize the world of quality control possibilities and set the future standard in the field. Bringing real-time error detection and configuration, integration to MES for configuration check and unlimited extension of problem detection, their solution is resistant against the changeable and unstable environment and presents data for LEAN analysis and production improvements.


Voted one of the Most Valuable European VC-backed companies 2019 (PitchBook) and Growth Startup 2019 (Web Summit), Domotron developed the very first AI-driven smart home enabling complete integration of all home technologies. Offering benefits such as energy saving, timely irrigation, audio optimization, ventilation, heating and cooling regulation and many other features, Domotron Home and Switch, a hub and a wireless smart switch, are the perfect tool for bringing one's home into the future. 


VRgineers developed an enterprise-level virtual reality headset of an unprecedented precision delivering a level of detail and clarity that has never been seen before. Sporting features like a 170 degree field of view, 5K resolution and crystal-clear patented VR lenses, XTAL can offer the most advanced technology for 21st century design evaluation, virtual prototyping, surgeon training, realistic simulations and much more.


PRECISMO brings its customers an all-encompassing scanning platform that can transform real-life goods and object imagining into digital 3D models. Their fully automatic scanner is able to create virtual forms of products with no manual intervention and absolute industrial quality. Leveraging computer vision, robotics, AI and 3D modelling technology, PRECISMO delivers perfect results featuring realistic textures, and unparalleled time optimisation.


Stopskate is the best example of a startup idea being born out of the necessity to solve a painful problem. The founder of the company became a passionate inline skater, however, he struggled with slowing down and stopping. This obstacle became a challenge and an electronic braking system Stopskate EBS 480 came to life two years later. Remote control and two brake calipers on each skate are all any skater might need to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries, the brake set can stay in operation for up to 4 hours whilst self-adjusting itself to the correct minimum distance from the skate wheel with the gradual wear of the brake segment.


SmartGuide is an application that draws travellers' attention to hidden gems and must-see places, tells authentic stories from local guides, recommends optimized routes even in offline mode and makes travelling much more exciting with augmented reality. Using gamification to make sightseeing more engaging, SmartGuide puts their users' convenience first. Offering an in-phone guide in users' own native language, the app delivers a new, maximized experience for curious travellers. 


Actijoy is a pet technology company focusing on dogs' health and nutrition. A Wifi Food & Water Bowl enable dog owners to track eating and drinking habits of their loyal companions and are alerted to any deviations or changes from a normal baseline. Health & Activity Tracker monitors when a dog is active or resting, which makes it much easier to track one's pet's physical activity. Summarizing all gathered data in a user-friendly iOS and Android application, Actijoy makes it easier for dog owners to see to their pets' needs and significantly increase the quality of their lives.


Vividbooks is the creator of an interactive textbook that increases children's in-class engagement by using augmented reality and "old-fashioned" pen and paper. Their iOS application improves the learning experience by combining physical worksheets with virtual animations, which students replicate by drawing. Vividbooks thus give students the opportunity to be much more active and collaborative in the learning process. The creators chose Physics as the first subject to dive into and consulted the curriculum and teaching methods with Palackeho University Olomouc.