Smart Remote Work Collaboration Video Chat is the New Multitasking Tool Hit


There is a new competitor of Zoom out there, and it's striving for even better features! Around is the new multitasking tool for remote workers who need to stay in touch, which still being productive. Dominik Zane and Pavel Serbajlo are two co-founders of this unique collaboration tool. They believe a video call should not take up all of your screen.

Around allows the users to float on the screen, so you can work on other things at the same time. The tool also uses "EchoTerminator", ultrasonic audio to detect nearby devices and eliminate unnecessary sounds. The only disadvantage is that Around is now only available on your desktop. Mobile app version is in the making, but for now, you can only download it for your laptop.

You don't have to pay anything, as the tool is offering a freemium model, so anyone can slide the app into their stack without paying at first.

Dominik Zane, CEO of Around, mentioned that creating a startup related to video calls is extremely difficult. Making a good video technology is hard, and all the talent is already snag by the big corporates, such as Google. The bright side of this tool is that now, with shelter-in-place order from governmental officials, people will more likely be willing to try new video call tools.