The Czech national booth made its debut at the physical Game Developers Conference in San Francisco


Last week (March 21st to the 25th), the largest conference and trade show in the gaming industry took place in San Francisco, California. Game Developers Conference, also known as GDC, is a market-defining conference that brings together the game development community to exchange ideas, solve problems, and help shape the future of the game industry. Over the years, the Game Developers Conference has evolved from a small gathering of developers to a premier professional event covering a wide range of topics, providing a comprehensive selection of lectures, and defining the form of innovations on the market. For the first time in history, Czech game development studios presented themselves at last year's GDC through the virtual Czech booth. This year was also a year of historic firsts as the Czech national booth was there to physically represent some of the best in the Czech GameDev community!

CGE Digital is a part of the Czech Games Edition founded in 2014 which focuses on developing and publishing board games. They have published more than 40 board games and their expansions (Codenames, Through the Ages, Lost Ruin of Arnak, Galaxy Trucker) that have been released in more than 40 languages so far. The game is extremely popular around the world and is now coming to mobile phones.

FireballRPG is a mobile gaming studio based in Prague. The studio is developing a mobile app that brings tabletop role-playing to phones. Players experience infinite adventures with their friends via chat & dice.

PlanACollective are specialists in art, animation, and cinematics with HQ in Prague, Czechia. Their trademark is quality, their tools are communication, experience, and transparency. Passion for the creative process, talented team, and dedication to their work is just a nice bonus to the overall fun and high-speed journey they take with each project.

MADFINGER Games is a globally renowned independent game studio with a rich portfolio of award-winning titles played by millions of people worldwide. Focusing on stunning visuals, outstanding gameplay, and hardcore gaming experiences, Madfinger aims to bring AAA quality games to PC while always adhering to the "player comes first" mentality.

AboutFun stepped on the path to making their game visions come true in 2011. Today, they are working to provide amazing mobile experiences with WarFriends and Zombie Horde.

Rendlike is a miniature studio making narrative games about kindness. Founded by Jaroslav Meloun and based in Prague, Rendlike collaborates with an international group of talent. As a passionate participant in Game Jams, Jaroslav has created over 50 prototypes and organized the Prague Global Game Jam for 10 years. His single developer team is working on FixFox, a wholesome sci-fi adventure game with laid-back exploration, quirky machine repair, and cozy comfort foods. FixFox will be released on March 31.

The conference was accompanied by various supplementary activities including the Czech Games showcase or the West Bluff Barbeque that brought the Czech community in Bay Area together. The studios were also visited by the Consul General of the Czech Republic Amb. Jaroslav Olša, Jr. who came from Los Angeles to show them his support.

The Czech booth was prepared in cooperation with the Czech Game Developers Association, CzechInvest and the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles.