Unique Czech Camera ‘Medicas’ Can Easily Detect People with High Temperatures


With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, measuring temperatures has become one of the most frequent precautious in many places, including the Czech Republic. Preventive temperature measurements are taken on the European borders, hospitals, and other public places. High temperature is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus and can be one of the first alarming signs of this virus.

Up until now, the temperature was usually measured with a contactless infrared thermometer for each person separately, which is time-consuming and can bring other complications, since the person who is doing the measurement has to come really close to the possibly infected person.

Medicas thermal can be the new solution to this crisis - measuring temperatures without people having to stop and cause traffic jams. Medicas was invented by Workswell, and the product itself was in the process of designing for the past 5 years, but with the current world situation, there is clearly a need for such product and company Workswell made the development of this product a priority.

Workswell company has developed many interesting products, such as thermal imagers for drones, industrial automation, and fire protection systems. In the company's portfolio, however, we also find specialties such as a thermal imager for drones used for the detection of dangerous gas leaks or thermal imaging systems for fire trucks.

Thermo camera Medicas is a non-contact measurement tool with recording thermal radiation of the surface. The biggest advantage of the thermal imager lies in its accuracy, sensitivity and resolution. While competing products, according to Workswell, have a measurement uncertainty of up to 2 ° C, Medicas has an uncertainty of only 0.3 ° C plus a sensitivity of 0.03 ° C at a sensor resolution of 640 × 512 pixels, allowing people to measure at greater distances.

Source: https://www.czechcrunch.cz/2020/03/mereni-teploty-bez-zdrzovani-unikatni-ceska-termokamera-dokaze-na-dalku-odhalit-osoby-se-zvysenou-teplotou/