Czech Beat Saber Makes an Exit to Facebook


Beat Games, a Czech company with its headquarters in Prague, was recently acquired by Facebook. They will join the Oculus Studios, while still operating in the Czech Republic. With only 8 employees, the company was able to sell over 1 million copies of the game earlier this year.

Beat Games is one of the most successful VR game studios, and they will now have much easier time closing deals and making conversations with popular artists, now that they have Facebook behind them. Even though the platform will be able to keep its exclusivity, this is a big step for this Czech company.

By buying the studio, Facebook will be able to expand ambitions without having to worry about profitability. True fans of this game will have to get used to different user mods, as the studio introduced new tools for users to create their own songs with uploaded audio files. Nonetheless, there are not many virtual reality hits yet, and now that Facebook is involved, more fans will be drawn into this game.